Paras Kalnawat the lead character of Prince will now turn negative in the Star Plus show Meri Durga.

Loyal viewers of Star Plus show Meri Durga (Paperback Films) have been seeing the heroic deeds of the lead guy Sanjay Prince (Paras Kalnawat) wherein he has been helping Durga (Srishti Jain) and her family from his evil mother Gayathri (Dolly Sohi).

However, the fans of Paras Kalnawat and Sanjay Prince will be in for a major shock as there will be a turnaround in his character graph!!

Yes, in the coming episodes, Meri Durga will have a new twist in the tale with Sanjay Prince turning completely negative!!


As per the ongoing episodes, Prince has been saving Durga from the goons sent by his mother. Also he has been telling Durga that his mother will not harm her familytill he is with her. And all this will end up in Prince convincing Durga to marry him, as she and her family will be safe post that!!

However, this will be a major trap for Durga is what we hear…

A credible source tells us, “The ‘live’ marriage of Prince and Durga will be a shocker for Prince’s family. But the bigger shock will come when it will be revealed before Durga and others that Prince is actually with his mother and is actually taking revenge against Durga.”

Yes, the true negative color of Prince will come before Durga and this will shatter her all the more.

If sources are to be believed, Prince will tell Durga that he has always been siding his mother, and has been getting into the good books of Durga only to seek revenge.

We buzzed Paras and he said, “I will not want to talk about this now.”

How will Durga face this new challenge before her?

Watch this space for more updates.

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