Rahil Azam’s terrorizing phrase ‘Babu...’ has become the talk of the town in quick time...

Rahil Azam’s catchy phrase ‘Babu…’ from Tu Aashiqui wins hearts!!

Rahil Azam is a class-performer!! As the ruthless Jayant Dhanrajgir, he is creating havoc in the life of Pankti, the female lead in Colors’ Tu Aashiqui (Guroudev Bhalla).

The best part for Rahil is that though he is playing a completely negative and cruel avatar in the show, viewers love the fact that he is empowering the character with his class acting.

A source from the set tells us, “There have been ladies flocking on the set to meet Rahil Sir. They simply love the way in which he is playing his role. And the most engrossing scenes in the show happen to be the one where his character is seen torturing the girl.”

Above all, Rahil’s ‘takiya kalaam’ in the show ‘Babu….’ has been the talk of the town is what we hear. And Rahil has been flooded with messages from fans who want him to send them the recording of the famous terrorizing line so that they could set it as their ring tone on phones.

A source from the set of Tu Aashiqui tells us, “Every person on the set addresses the other with the phrase ‘Babu’. The word has become so very famous. In fact, the audio message of this particular word incorporated in his lines by Rahil has been doing rounds within the creative team and crew involved with the show.”

We tried buzzing Rahil Azam to know more about the popularity of the line, but he did not take our calls.

Well, ‘Sahi Pakde’ the catchy word from the show Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain has worked wonders for the last few years.

And this catch phrase of Rahil seems to be making inroads into the minds of viewers for sure!!

Way to go, Rahil!!


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