The launch of Bigg Boss OTT is imminent. Fans of the show will now have the unique opportunity to witness all the major drama and action live from the house, 24 hours a day.

Additionally, viewers can enjoy a one-hour episode on Voot and gain access to exclusive cuts, non-stop content drops, and a fully interactive edition.

It has been announced that Karan Johar will host Bigg Boss OTT for its six-week run on Voot. The show will premiere on August 8, 2021, providing viewers unparalleled access, engagement, and interactivity to experience the contestants’ journey in the house.

Following the conclusion of the digital exclusive, the show will seamlessly transition to Colors with the launch of Season 15 of Bigg Boss. Karan will serve as the anchor for the drama and melodrama of the show.

Today, we bring you the first photos of Bigg Boss OTT house; check below!