Salil was shooting in Mira Road and died of a sudden cardiac arrest

RIP: Producer B P Singh’s elder son Salil Singh dies of heart attack on CID set

It’s indeed sad news for all of us part of the television industry. Salil Singh, elder son to producer B P Singh of CID fame (Fireworks Productions), has gone too soon.

Salil, in his late 30s, we have been told died while shooting for CID at Mira Road.

Says a source: “Salil was all fine. He was shooting on the set with his better half. They always worked together. He took a break and went to the washroom. He was away for a long time and when we checked, he was gone.”

Initial info suggests Salil suffered a heart attack.

B P Singh, at the time of the incident, was shooting for another CID sequence at a nearby shooting location.

It’s indeed sad.  RIP.

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