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Neha loses her cool and kicks out the contestant in Roadies Revolution

Roadies Revolution: OMG! Neha loses her cool and KICKS out contestant

Hold your breath as Roadies Revolution brings to you the most eye-catching revelations, this week. From Raftaar showing off his dance moves to a contestant speaking his heart out about his identity in this society to another contestant’s unique idea of revolution, this episode is sure to leave the audience spellbound and wanting more.

Kicking off the episode with a stellar performance, Juielli, a choreographer manages to impress Neha, Raftaar and Prince as she voices her wish of revolutionizing dance though Nikhil opines of it being nothing more than lip service. Another contestant shares his story of living a closeted life due to family pressures and pours his heart out on his sexuality. His wish to make a society free of labels for everyone like him earns accolades from the leaders. The episode also opens the floor to an animal activist whose idea of change finds favour in all leaders including Rannvijay Singh. Adding a tinge of rap to this revolution, two contestants – Amar and Prakhar pump up the game as they take everyone by the awe with their stupendous talent.

However, all wasn’t hunky dory in this episode. One contestant had to face the brunt from all celebrity leaders, especially Neha who lost her cool and asked him to leave immediately. But why? What went so horribly wrong?

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