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Roadies Revolution will applaud the efforts of contestants who have faced discrimination, sexual abuse etc

Roadies Revolution: Touches upon voices that have brought about a change

Amidst a host of drumrolls and fanfare, Roadies is back with its 17th season – Roadies Revolution.

From mental health to climate change to women safety, discrimination and sexual abuse, this time, being a Roadie is about having a voice and making it heard at the right time. In its second episode, Roadies Revolution stood witness to contestants who have survived discrimination and sexual abuse and stand strong to tell their story today. With every celebrity leader backing a cause, they focused strongly on having similar sentiments in contestants, but in a quintessential Roadie way.

The episode opens with a rap by one of the contestants celebrating the leaders Neha, Raftaar, Nikhil and Prince along with the host Rannvijay. It further introduces people from various parts of the country who have used or have the urge to use their voice against any kind of unjust behaviour. A Kashmiri contestant touched the hearts of celebrity leaders as he emphasized on how his presence in Roadies can change the perception for youth in the valley. What also caught eye was the story of another Army brat who shared his account of overcoming sexual abuse in eighth standard.

With a bunch of maverick personalities striving for a social change and the leaders keen to amplify their voices, the 17th season has flagged off well.

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