Rohit calls Sreesanth 'flipshant' in Bigg Boss 12

Tired of Rohit Suchanti's constant taunts and his betrayal to his team, Sreesanth decides to teach him a lesson in Bigg Boss 12

Rohit calls Sreesanth ‘flipshant’ in Bigg Boss 12

Winning doesn’t come easy, especially if you’re in the Bigg Boss house. As the competition gets tougher, the contestants must put their best foot forward to keep themselves safe.

It’s that time of the week again where a captain is to be selected. In a grueling luxury task wherein the Bigg Boss inmates had to brace themselves for another challenge that is deciding who should be the captain for this week.

Yesterday, Bigg Boss announced an interesting luxury budget task called Saanp. A huge snake was set in the garden area that changed the color of its eyes. The house was divided into two teams Team Red and Team Blue. Every time the snake hissed, one member from each team had to be fed to the snake. Instead the snake’s belly was the lever that the teams could switch to change the colour of the snake’s eye. In the end, maximum number of people remaining from the  team outside the belly of the snake would win the task. However, Rohit turned a backstabber and joined hands with Deepak and played for the Red team. Rohit’s behaviour deeply upset the members of Team Blue.

Tonight, Rohit will try his best on the lever making sure the red team is winning, while Jasleen and others try to make him weak. He then asks them to call Sreesanth by addressing him as FLIP-Santh. This doesn’t go down well with the former International cricketer and he loses his calm. He tells Dipika Kakar that he won’t spare Rohit for dragging his Dad in their fight. Sreesanth takes his mic off along with the vest and heads down to the snake’s belly to hit Rohit.

Will this move turn against Sreesanth?

Keep reading for more updates from Bigg Boss 12 house.

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