Sapna Chaudhary to lose ‘Friendship’ task with Puneesh; to get directly nominated

The Friendship task will be tough for both Puneesh and Sapna as they will be pained and hurt.. Read to know why

Sapna Chaudhary to lose ‘Friendship’ task with Puneesh; to get directly nominated

It’s going to be an uphill task for contestants in the Bigg Boss house as they yet again face the heat of getting nominated with the new week beginning!!

Uphill task, we say because the contestants have to go through a tough task and excel in it to stay away from being nominated for elimination…

‘Imtihaan Dosti Ka’ will be the task laid before the inmates!!

As per the rules of the ‘Friendship’ task, Bigg Boss will pair up two inmates each as a pair. And one such pair will be Puneesh Sharma and Sapna Chaudhary. The task put before them will be like this – Puneesh will have to hold Sapna’s hand and Sapna will have to convince him to not leave her hand. The catch here will be that Sapna will be safe from being nominated only if Puneesh will hold her hand for at least 30 minutes. And if Puneesh would leave her hand before the stipulated time, Sapna will directly get nominated for elimination this week!!

Wow!!So will Puneesh keep his partner safe from nomination or will he get her nominated?

We have the answers right here!!

To begin with, Sapna will put up a brave picture and will tell Puneesh that she does not care if he would nominate her, and that she does not fear him. The result of this challenge will be that Puneesh will move away from holding Sapna’s hand after 5-10 minutes.

Wondering why he would do so?

Well, Puneesh will explain to the house that Sapna told him that Bandgi Kalra is actually not loyal towards him, and that she is faking to be close to him.

Ouch!! Must say, Jyoti really pricked Puneesh’s heart with her statement…

As we know, there has been a huge controversy going on with Bandgi’s boy friend Dennis Nagpal being really upset with Bandgi’s closeness with Puneesh inside the Bigg Boss house. Reports of Dennis having broken up with Bandgi have also made headlines in the media in the last few days..

Interesting, this way in which Bigg Boss is choosing candidates for this week’s nomination… Are you eager to know how the other Jodis performed in the ‘Friendship’ task?

Gear up for tonight’s episode…

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