Sony TV's Mere Sai: Smita Dongre's re-entry to establish Sai being alive

Smita Dongre will be back in Sony TV’s Mere Sai to give a new development in the Samadhi track of Sai.

Sony TV’s Mere Sai: Smita Dongre’s re-entry to establish Sai being alive

Actress Smita Dongre who played the role of the tantric in Sony TV’s popular show Mere Sai (Dashami Creations) will now stage a re-entry in the Samadhi track of Sai (Abeer Soofi).

The lady had transformed from being a thug to one working against superstitious beliefs after her earlier interaction with Sai. During the Samadhi track, when the whole village would lose hope on Sai getting back alive, the lady will get a premonition from Sai and will return to the village with her brother who would be suffering from leprosy.

As per sources, “Sai will create yet another miracle when she will tell her brother to touch Sai’s feet and seek his blessings. However, as soon as his skin will come in contact with Sai’s feet, his skin disease will vanish. This will be when the lady will tell the villagers to be at peace as Sai is not dead and he will come back alive.”

This will be a very important sequence in the show.

Smita Dongre confirmed the news to

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