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The entry of popular actor Sudha Chandran will give rise to more drama in the Star Bharat show.

Sudha Chandran to enter Star Bharat’s Ayushman Bhava
Versatile actor Sudha Chandran has always come up with great performances in the roles that she has gotten into!!
After playing a noteworthy role in Karamphal Data Shani, the power-packed performer will now be seen in Star Bharat’s revenge cum reincarnation saga, Ayushman Bhava (Citram Screens and White Horse International).
As reported in media, the show will soon take a leap of 13 years which will kickstart with Sumit Bhardwaj’s entry.
We now hear of Sudha Chandran entering the show as the enterprising mother of the bad man, Vikrant (Manish Goel).
Yes, you heard it right!!
Vikrant and his mother’s equation is to be looked forward to. Vikrant who is a tyrant to the outside world will mellow down and abide to the rules of his mother at home. Such will be the power of Sudha Chandran’s character.
We buzzed Sudha but did not get through to her.
We reached out to the channel spokesperson and Producer Anuradha Sarin but did not get revert from them till we filed the story.
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