Zee TV show Bhootu will see two important entries.

Tanushree Kaushal and Neeta Shetty to enter Zee TV’s Bhootu

Zee TV’s Bhootu (Esselvision) has been going great with its interesting drama keeping the audience glued!!

The show which recently saw the entry of Kinshuk Mahajan as the male lead on the show will see the introduction of two main characters.

Aarav, that is Kinshuk’s family will soon enter!!

Talented actress Tanushree Kaushal and Neeta Shetty will be entering the show to play the roles of Aarav’s mom and sister respectively.

As per a credible source, “Both the characters will have lot of importance in the upcoming story line.”

Though the actors have been locked, their shoot has not begun yet is what we hear.

When contacted, Neeta confirmed the news and told us, “Yes, I am entering the show. But I have not shot yet, so I will talk about it once I start shoot.”

We buzzed Tanushree, but could not reach out to her.

We reached out to the channel spokesperson, but did not receive revert till we filed the story.

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