Tina Dattaa is apparently had been under the weather for a few days

Tina Dattaa’s second shift woes

Working the graveyard shift is always tough, for you are going against your natural body clock which expects you to sleep at night. Things get tougher if your zzz hours also keep changing. We all have friends in the call centre sector and have heard their horror tales. Something similar is happening with the &TV show, Daayan’s lead, Tina Dattaa. The poor petite bong gal apparently had been under the weather for a few days. But luckily she has recovered and is back with a bang. She did not miss a single day of the shoot, for she is professional and it was not a major issue.

When we touched base with Tina about the same via WhatsApp, her reply was, “It is quite hectic to do night shifts. The season is also changing so catching a cold is common. Doing a daily soap requires a lot of hard work.”

In the case of Daayan, the number of night shift dates is obviously much more, for the horror genre requires dark settings. But then Tina is a strong girl and knows that no pains no gains.

“I never let my spirit down even when ill. No wonder you must have continued to see my fun avatar on Instagram,” added she.

Talking about Daayan, Tina, who has earlier done hit shows like Uttar an, Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 7 and Shani, says, “Our story has twists and turns. No one knows who is the real Daayan. The mystery increases the curiosity.”

More power to you, gal!

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