Udaan the Colors show will see an interesting update with Raghav aka Vijayendra Kumeria breathing his last.

Udaan: Vijayendra Kumeria to exit Udaan with death of Raghav

Udaan the popular Colors show produced by Guroudev Bhalla and Dhaval Gada will see the exit of actor Vijayendra Kumeria from the show.

The story plot as of now has Chakor (Toral Rasputra) having a doubt on Raghav’s intentions and identity.

There will be huge drama ahead with Raghav being killed in an accident!! However before his death, Raghav will warn Chakor of Poonam’s (Aarti Singh) scheming acts.

Yes you heard it right!!

As per a reliable source, “The upcoming plot will reveal that Raghav pretended to be on the side of Poonam. However he would wish well for Chakor. Poonam will get to know of Raghav’s double crossing and will plan to kill Raghav and Chakor in an accident.”

In the accident that will happen, Raghav will breathe his last but will save Chakor’s life. And before dying, Raghav will tell Chakor of Poonam’s plans to kill her.”

Will Raghav’s sacrifice make life better for Chakor?

With this the small cameo of actor Vijayendra Kumeria will come to an end. Vijayendra who was the lead pre leap has had a huge fan following, and returned to Udaan for an important creative requirement that the team needed.

We buzzed Vijayendra but could not get through for comment.

Watch this space for more updates.