In the glitzy world of Indian television, where characters come to life, and stories weave their magic, some actors not only capture our hearts but also leave an indelible mark on our memories. Twinkle Arora, with her exceptional talent, is undoubtedly one of them. Her portrayal of Nehmat in the popular show ‘Udaariyan’ has been nothing short of spectacular, resonating with audiences and creating a special place in their hearts. In an exclusive and candid heart-to-heart conversation with IWMBuzz, Twinkle took us on an enthralling journey through her roller-coaster ride in the world of acting, from the intriguing evolution of her character to the tantalizing possibility of her stepping into the Bigg Boss 17 house. With a friendly and affable greeting, she set the perfect tone for our conversation, “I hope you are good, and the journey was amazing, a roller coaster but amazing.”

Twinkle, who effortlessly brought Nehmat to life, described the character’s evolution from a young girl to a soft, sweet, and loving lady. “For Nehmat as well, who started as a girl and has transformed into a very gentle and affectionate lady, and for Twinkle as well, who began as a young girl and has evolved into an actor and a genuine human being in real life. So, it has been quite a journey, and I am so grateful for all the love. It was an emotional moment when I realized the impact it had on the audience.”

Reflecting on cherished memories, Twinkle shared a quirky anecdote, “I don’t know why they always approach me when I am lost in my thoughts, like a statue. They come up to me and start talking, and if they keep talking, eventually they’ll catch me off guard.”

Addressing the inevitable change in the show’s dynamics, Twinkle revealed, “It’s not that Nehmat’s character won’t be on the screen. Somebody else is taking on the role.” This transition marks a bittersweet moment for fans as they bid farewell to a character that Twinkle breathed life into.

As excitement fills the air about the possibility of Twinkle gracing the upcoming Bigg Boss 17, she playfully left the question open-ended. “Let’s keep that as a mystery for now. There are things in the pipeline, and we’ll see what unfolds. I can’t reveal much at this moment.”

Twinkle Arora’s journey from a budding actress to a beloved character and the potential twists in her future endeavours have left fans eagerly awaiting what’s next. With a mix of nostalgia and curiosity, Twinkle’s words showcase her genuine gratitude for her fans’ love and support and leave us intrigued about the path she might choose to tread next in her career.

Stay tuned.