Zee TV’s Aap Ke Aa Jane Se set for a revamp

Zee TV’s Aap Ke Aa Jane Se to go through a complete revamp. Read for details

Zee TV’s Aap Ke Aa Jane Se set for a revamp

Zee TV’s show Aap Ke Aa Jane Se, produced by Bodhi Tree, is set for a plot revamp soon, as per our sources.

Yes, you heard it right!!

News coming in suggests that the channel and makers have decided to take the series along an experimental route, wherein they will focus on Sahil (Karan Jotwani) and Vedika’s (Suhasi Dhami) journey.

This will mean that there is a thought that is being worked out to eliminate all the other cast from the show, with the idea of retaining only the two leads.

We hear, there will be a new cast that will be introduced soon by the makers.

Apart from Aap Ke, Ishq Subhan Allah has also taken a leap and embarked a new journey along with the leads.

We hope the changes bring freshness in the show.

We buzzed the actors but they remained unavailable for a comment.

We also reached out to the producer and channel spokesperson but did get through to them.

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Later, maker Sukesh Motwani said in confirmation:

“Yes, we are doing a reboot on Aapke Aa Jaane Se… the most interesting key on this show has been the passionate but tumultuous love story of Sahil and Vedika. The same love story gets ‘recreated’ but this time the theme is to do with a suitable young man – Sahil falling in love with a divorced woman (Vedika) in a small town… and how he will overcome all obstacles in society to make Vedika his life partner, becomes the crux… Love amidst social stigma and societal prejudice for a divorcee becomes the crux of the new Sahil Vedika love story.”

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