Zee TV's Zindagi Ki Mehak to end

Zee TV's Zindagi No Mehak to shut shop

Zee TV’s Zindagi Ki Mehak to end

Zee TV’s popular show Zindagi Ki Mehak produced by Saurabh Tewari’s Parin Multimedia has had a real good run with its leads Karan Vohra and Samiksha Jaiswal becoming hugely popular.

However the show has had its share of controversies with regards to the leads time and again. Recently we had reported about Karan and Samiksha having put down their papers in June with the thought of looking for fresh work.

Now the news coming is that Zindagi Ki Mehak is on its way out. Yes the series will air its last episode in the first week of September.

As per sources, “Mehak’s time slot of 8PM will be taken over by Ved Raj’s show, Guddan, Tumse Na Ho Paayega.”

For all the lovers and fans of Mehak, this will be a sour news. However every end has a new beginning. And so will it be for the Producers as well as actors..

The best part is that Mehak was a unique show which tried something different and succeeded in keeping fans glued to it.

We buzzed Producer Saurabh Tewari but could not get his comment.

We reached out to the channel spokesperson but did not hear from them.

Watch this space for more updates.

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