Producer Karan Raj Kohli opens up on Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai’s closure and its concept being different.

Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai was a special show with a powerful message: Producer Karan Raj Kohli

Manor Rama Pictures who has helmed the Zee TV show Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai will come to a closure.

Yesterday we wrote about the show ending during the lockdown. If you have missed it, read it here: Confirmed: Zee TV’s Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai to go off air

In his response to us, Producer Karan Raj Kohli confirmed the news saying, “Yes, Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai is going off air. Things are changing for the entire entertainment industry. It’s not only a decision for Ziddi but most broadcasters are forced to change their strategy, due to these trying times.”

“Ziddi was a special show with a powerful message for everyone at the network and Manor Rama Pictures. It’s extremely unfortunate but everyone in the industry not limited to broadcasters, producers, actors and crew are facing a terrible and unthinkable time. Zee has been a great network to partner with and we are happy to have built a relationship with them. Viraj (Kapur) and I are looking forward to creating more wonderful shows with Zee in the near future.”

On future projects, he explained, “Manor Rama Pictures has many shows in the pipeline especially in the OTT world since that has been the focus of the company. We look forward to entertaining our audiences through our upcoming shows.”

Best of luck, Manor Rama!!

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