Mahesh S Pujari talks about the need to bring in good content on TV.

It is very important to identify ‘right’ talent – Mahesh S Pujari, Creative Producer

Mahesh S Pujari who has set up various shows on TV, his latest being Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi feels that identifying talent is the biggest asset that a creative person can have!!

Mahesh who was the Associate Creative on the above-said show says, “When I start to set up for a show with my team, my basic priority is to get the right talent in. I recently brought in Aamir Dalvi for the character of Rajveer Thakur. I had the conviction that he is perfectly placed for the role. Along with Aamir, Mandeep Gujjar was also highly recommended by me. Ultimately it was Aamir who bagged it, and see how he is kicking dust as the character. In simple words, it is very important to get the cast and the right talent inside a show. I believe in doing anything to get the best of cast in a show.”

Ask him about his preference between new faces and experienced actors, Mahesh avers, “I don’t see whether the actor is fresh or has experience. He needs to have the talent to play the given character. That’s what I want.”

The young creative mind feels that even while the genre of family drama will stay on forever, he will want to see more subjects that can create awareness. “Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki is one show that comes as a difference in the cluster of programming. In the same way, people need to think different and come up with concepts that are enlightening to the minds of everyone.”

Talking about huge competition coming from the digital platform, Mahesh states, “Digital platforms have no censorship. Hence they have more creative freedom. TV is a medium that has been tried and tested, and it will certainly stay on. But the young creative minds need to think different and not attempt to walk the same line traversed by many.”

Mahesh S Pujari has now moved a step further and will be working as Creative Producer on his next!!

Wish you luck, Mahesh!!

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