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Kundali Bhagya's Preeta and Karan are the perfect couple 

Everything that makes Kundali Bhagya’s Preeta and Karan the perfect couple to ship

There is always that one couple on-screen, with whom we instantly fall in love with and absolutely love in every scene, episode and even start looking them up off-screen! One such couple that has recently caught our attention is the adorable Preeta and Karan from Kundali Bhagya.

Their fights, love, romance, is all loved by the audience and have grabbed the attention of many viewers. The duo is absolutely loved by the audience.

The Jodi is the epitome of an ideal couple and has shared bang-on chemistry on screen. The pair shares an impeccable bond and has great chemistry. They share a love-hate relationship on screen.

This Jodi started off as strangers, then became friends to best friends, and are now married to each other. They had a superb evolution in the relationship with lots of break-ups and make-ups. Karan and Preeta are shown to be apart from each other due to various reasons, but there is some or the other twist brought up and they are seen together.

They are one of the cutest telly couples. What began as a love-hate relationship between Preeta and Karan, eventually attracted them towards each other.

Having their share of fights and falling in love made the viewer’s go gaga over their chemistry in the show.

Here are some pics of the duo!

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