Kumkum Bhagya has been one of the shows which makes us feel good. Being happy, emotional, loved, sad, neglected, and most importantly, being romantic with your loved ones is all you will see in the show. Kumkum Bhagya is just the other reason for being happy when your mood is off.

The show started back 6 years ago and is still running successfully on television. But one of the foremost reasons the show has the spark in it is Abhigya. Yes, Abhishek Mehra aka Shabbir Ahluwalia who plays the Rockstar in the show falls in love with Pragya Arora aka Sriti Jha who is a simple wedding decorator and since then the rest is history.

Both of them Abhigya (Abhishek and Pragya) have been one of the couples who always make us laugh and also remind us that even after fighting with your loved ones, you need to keep your ego aside and come together.

On the other hand, after 20 years leap, we have the new generation couple Prachi Arora played by Mugdha Chaphekar who happens to be one of the twin daughters of Abhi and Pragya who now stays with Pragya and we see Ranbir played by Krishna Kaul who is Prachi’s boyfriend and love interest.

Even Pranbir (Prachi and Ranbir) are loved by their fans and are also slowly making their way into the best couples on Indian television. The college romance is all the youth need to see and they are just giving major goals.

But what is more important is that old is gold, right? Even if Pranbir is loved and liked by all, fans still stick to the old generation to bring the magic just like the new ones done every time they face each other.

So, which is your favorite couple, Abhigya or Pranbir? Comment in the box below.

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