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Tired this quarantine? Watch Kundali Bhagya and let us know your favorite PreeRan memory

Which is your favorite memory of PreeRan from Kundali Bhagya? 3

Preeta is glad to see Karan and his family happy. She feels bad that no one is missing her. She sheds tears. Karan questions her about her tears. He helps her. They get into a moment unknowingly. Karan fails to recognize the girl he loves the most.

He gets too close to her and still thinks she is just a waiter Pritam. She still believes that he is her best friend and love. She regrets to hide him the truth. Karan misses Preeta and doesn’t connect the dots.
This is not a new romantic moment, but Karan and Preeta make it special. Preeta slips and falls into Karan’s arms.

Sometimes he enters Preeta’s house from the window and falls on her bed with her. Karan and Preeta love to dance and they dance together at every party in the Luthra house. They sometimes argue while dancing and even sort out their differences.

Karan goes to Preeta’s Kumkum Bhagya hall for his mehndi ceremony with Mahira. However, by luck or fate, Karan ends up putting mehndi on Preeta’s hand first. This was the moment when Preeta realized that she is destined to be with Karan.

They may fight with each other, but when the opportunity comes, Karan is always there to protect Preeta. He saves her from getting stabbed in his house or molested on the street and shot by terrorists. Preeta too protects Karan and tries to save his family by exposing Sherlyn’s secret.

So which memory did trigger your brain?

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