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Check out the funny side of Preeta and Karan!

These Funny Videos From Kundali Bhagya Will Make You Laugh

As we all know, Kundali Bhagya is among the most-watched TV serials. The story of Kundali Bhagya revolves around Preeta and Karan. All the diehard fans of the show love the love angle proven between Preeta and Karan. However, we’re displaying you identical stunning moments proven between Preeta and Karan, which also reveal their growing proximity.

Since we see every time Preeta and Karan come face to face, there are always quarrels between them and their love affair continues. Preeta loves Karan however, from the start she is unaware that she loves Karan. Karan is precisely the same, he likes to chuckle and play with Preeta however, he is completely unaware of the fact that he loves Preeta too.

In such a scenario, in a horoscope fortune, Karan comes to Preeta’s home in an injured situation. He gets harmed because of Preeta. Preeta’s family cares lots for Karan and make a paste for him. Preeta’s mom tells her to go and apply the paste on Karan. Having obeyed the mom, Preeta goes to Karan. During this, there are plenty of enjoyable scenes between the two.

As Karan loves to taunt Preeta always, Karan taunts Preeta and says, “You’ve come, I knew that you simply won’t be able to stay without me.”

On listening to Karan, Preeta smiles and jokingly tells her that “Though I hate you, you are harmed due to me. Therefore, it turns into my duty to help you.”

Check out the scenes and many more.

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