Did you know that Mugdha Chaphekar is a foodie and a cook too?

These Instagram Pictures Proved Kumkum Bhagya Fame Mugdha Chaphekar Is An Avid Food Lover

It was a lockdown and Mugdha Chaphekar had her favorite hobby done and that too at her house. Guess what? It’s cooking. The actress loves to cook from the core of the heart. She loves to make delicious dishes and make herself happy. She was seen making multiple dishes right from the raw cake to the Samosas and vada pav. Check out what’s cooking in Mugdha Chaphekar’s kitchen!

Nowadays, amid coronavirus, Mugdha Chaphekar is very busy with her tight schedule for the shoot of Kumkum Bhagya. She plays the role of Prachi Mehra, daughter of Abhishek, and Pragya Mehra. We also saw Krishna Kaul playing her love interest, Ranbir in the show.

To all who don’t know that Mugdha Chaphekar is a great cook and a foodie too. She cooks various dishes and serves to her fans from her Instagram feed.

No wonder why Mugdha Chaphekar is a big foodie and not we, the way she looks at food will answer your question. She loves to try different items. According to her, trying different food items makes her talent awake and makes her try more varieties. Among them, we have tortilla Chips, Paneer, the sauces, Bun Maska Jam, Rava Cake, Paneer Kadai, Paneer Lababdar, Whole wheat Butter Naan, Mango Halwa, Multigrain Bread, Almond Butter Cookies, Honey Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, SURTI JEERA BUTTER, WHOLEWHEAT SAMOSA, WHOLE WHEAT PURI, Marble Cake, UGH! The list goes on, check out below all what we mentioned above!

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Just as food absorbs the flavour of spices, it also absorbs the attitude of those that cook and serve.. So cook with a smile.. Season it with love ❤️. . These are few of the dishes I made recently. Everything is made from scratch.. the Tortilla Chips, Paneer, the sauces, the Masalas.. everything.. that’s the fun!. . 🌮 Nachos loaded with Veggies and Cheese Sauce: who doesn’t love nachos! This is the one dish I order every single time I dine out.. making these tortilla chips, the sauce was so much fun! . 🥧Rava Cake: Every two days I bake a Rava Cake.. it has become a regular at home! This recipe has been inspired from my grandmother. I have shared it with you guys in my story a few days back❤️. . 🥯Bun Maska Jam : Love is spelled as BunMaskaJam for me! It has the taste of Mumbai.. I tried my hand baking the buns and definitely happy with the result!. . 🥙Paneer Kadhai: One of the best Paneer dishes we Paneer lovers order in restaurants is this one. The crunch of veggies and the heavenly taste of homemade paneer says it all! So this was all about me and my week well spent doing the thing I love the most! Cooking.. What did you guys do last week? Share something nice as always ❤️. Love,. Mugdha❤️. . #GoodFood #Food #Homemade #Cookingathome #foodphotography #foodie #lover #vegetarian #homecooked

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Life is what you bake it… And the secret ingredient is always Love… ❤️ . Sharing with you a few things I baked recently. . 🍞Multigrain Bread ~ Made with loads of good things. Oats, Wholewheat, Ragi, Jowar, and Bajra.. no room for unhealthy stuff! Turned out pretty well! . 🍪Almond Butter Cookies~ ‘Cookie’ is fancy; the good old ‘Nankhatai’ sounds more ‘apna’. So Nankhatai it is! With Butter and Almonds (to be eaten just one. Remember we just spoke how healthy our multigrain bread is..!? 😄) . 🍯Honey Oatmeal Raisin Cookies~ Ok this is a cookie 😄. (Also we’ve again come to ‘healthy eating.’ So it’s ok to feel less guilty about the Nankhatai we spoke just now🙈). . Love,. Mugdha❤️. . #Baking #Fun #learnsomethingnew #loveforcooking #foodphotography #healthyeating #homemade ❤️

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