After separating for the third time, what is written in your fate PreeRan?

Kundali Bhagya: 3 times Karan and Preeta’s separation left us stunned

Zee TV’s popular daily soap Kundali Bhagya will see Karan regretting his mistake of hurting Preeta earlier, we saw that Karan had played a bitter game with Preeta and had married her for taking revenge. Preeta, who was dreaming of a happy married life with Karan, was shocked on seeing Karan’s revenge motive.

Karan had done what he wanted and Preeta, on the other hand, is moving ahead in life. Preeta is hurt but decides to not get stuck in the past and move ahead. Meanwhile, Karan regrets what he had done to Preeta. Karan feels guilty over the fact that he had played with Preeta’s life and ruined it.

Preeta is also constantly thinking about Karan. She starts to delete his photos one at a time. She starts to weep to recall all the memories she had of him. She stops and then starts to delete again as stating that she doesn’t want him to stay with her even in the form of photos.

She tears off all his posters of him from her wardrobe. She vows to throw him out of her life just as she deleted all the photos from her phone.  Shortly, the doorbell rings and Sameer answers the door. He gets handed a courier which he gives to Karan. He opens the packet and to his shock, it is the divorce notice sent by Preeta. Rishabh understands and begins to read the papers. Rakhi enquires what the matter is when Rishabh tells her that Preeta has sent a divorce notice.

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