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Check out the reel Shrishti Arora and the real Anjum Fakih from Kundali Bhagya's stylish avatar!

Kundali Bhagya Actress Anjum Fakih Is Very Stylish In Real Life, See Photos

No wonder why Anjum Fakih is one of the most loved, charming, and bold actresses in the Indian Television industry. We think she has some kind of magnetic force that attracts everyone instantly, especially the boys, and girls are as usual jealous of her.

The confidence and positivity that Anjum Fakih carries along with her are something we can get inspired by. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Anjum Fakih brings life to every place she appears. While she plays the daring and badass Shrishti Arora in Kundali Bhagya, in real-life Anjum Fakih is cool, gorgeous, sexy, and makes bold statements not once but many times.

While Anjum Fakih is seen in ethnic attires in her on-screen avatar, she is a fashionista off-screen. From comfy crop tops, fashionable gowns, and from the mini-dresses in real life to elegant outfits to denim, she certainly knows how to nail every look.

If you don’t know, Anjum Fakih is a model first and then an actress. Her style often makes people weak in their knees. Anjum’s love for the western outfits is not concealed from anyone. She is someone who can spend ages on casual attire, and still miss it the very second, she heads back home.

Below are some of the most attractive and mesmerizing looks of Anjum Fakih:











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