The fashion king Abhishek Kapur's top style moments!

Kundali Bhagya Fame Abhishek Kapur’s Top Fashionable Moments

A lot has been written these days when it comes to ladies. The bridal, sangeet, and Mehendi look is what we talk about ladies but what about the men? The Baaratis also have some reputation to maintain, right? Abhishek Kapur from Kundali Bhagya has some sexy fashion style for you, check out!

Kundali Bhagya has been one of the several popular shows and we can’t deny the fact, right? The show clocked on our tv on 12th July 2017 and is continuing to show its effect, especially on its ardent fans. We always notice the lead actors Dheeraj Dhoopar and Shraddha Arya but what we forget to see is The Luthra cousin of Karan, Sameer Luthra played by Abhishek Kapur who also adds spice in the show.

Abhishek Kapur’s character Sameer Luthra is very cool in the show. He romances Shrishti aka Anjum Fakih in the show and their chemistry is amazing. What we also noticed is Abhishek Kapur’s style! We wonder who would be advising him about his hairstyle and his sexy dressing style!

This time, it is Abhishek Kapur’s Instagram handle that we are stalking. Abhishek Kapur’s look and style already got his fans from the show and that made him popular on Instagram. The cricketer turned actor made some amazing fashion statements on his feed and we would love to share some of them, take a neat look at Abhishek Kapur less, and his outfits more!

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