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Kundali Bhagya’s Top Wedding Drama Scenes That You MUST Revisit

The wedding in our real-life goes on very smoothly but if we ever take a bow at the wedding dramas on television, there is always a third person destroying the life of the two souls made for each other. This time, we have our favorite show which is very close to our heart, Kundali Bhagya, and today, we shall see the two major wedding drama scenes that you must revisit!

Kundali Bhagya always manages to grab the eyeballs of its ardent fans especially when it comes to the most loved couple from the show, Karan and Preeta Luthra played by real-life besties Dheeraj Dhoopar and Shraddha Arya. The Luthra couple has come a long way but their journey wasn’t easy at all. So, without wasting much time, let’s revisit the old time when Karan abandoned Preeta not once but twice!

Remember the moment when Karan and Preeta became friends and to expose Prithvi and Sherlyn, they stalked them both. But they were late to realize that Shelyn and Prithvi were having an affair and they failed to stop Rishabh and Sherlyn’s marriage. Now after this, Karan blames Preeta for it and decides to take revenge. He marries Preeta and leaves her in the middle of the road at night. Preeta all crying and broken came to Sarla and expressed her grief.

Kundali Bhagya's Top Wedding Drama Scenes That You MUST Revisit 2

The next moment we remember is Karan starts hating Preeta after the kidnapping drama and decides to marry Mahira. But Preeta is not broke this time and decides to do the right thing. She switches her place with Mahira and thus marries Karan Luthra, again. The scene was loved by fans and we all wished to see Karan and Preeta together and here they are.

Kundali Bhagya's Top Wedding Drama Scenes That You MUST Revisit 1

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