The beauty secret of Shivangi Joshi REVEALED here

What is the secret of Naira aka Shivangi Joshi’s beauty?

Hey beauties, Shivangi Joshi aka Naira from YRKKH is one of those beauties on television who has won millions of fans on social media. Be it for her beauty, talent or style, her fans look forward to her dresses and makeup. So today lets discuss her beauty and style secrets and how she looks radiant on the screen without a fail.

Shivangi Joshi is open to reveal her beauty mantras. From her skin secrets to her beauty regimen, she is always ready to share it with their fans. Now that is what she said, a transparent beauty! Here we have given some important points related to Shivangi Joshi’s Beauty Secret.

To beat the heat, Miss Joshi loves to hydrate herself well. She tries to avoid junk food and eats lots of fruits and vegetables. She does a regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

Shivangi loves oiling and steaming her hair. She loves her long hair and isn’t fond of trimming them. She likes to tie her hair up or braid them for strength. She washes and conditions her hair every day. She is fond of different hairstyles and hair accessories.

Shivangi does a lot of yoga to remain fit. She is a pro at doing a headstand. She also does strength and weight training.

She likes to use homemade packs such as honey and curd so that she can absorb her face. As a teenager, she had acne problems. Thus, she places great emphasis on the importance of proper cleaning and toning for her skin.

Shivangi also drinks a glass of warm water in a lukewarm apple cider vinegar.

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