Take some floral outfit inspiration from Tina Datta to rock your day!

Tina Datta’s Floral Outfits Are Our Fashion Inspiration

These days are not just about staying at home and sleeping but also working our ass off and work hard for our goals. Many telly actors and actresses are giving us major fashion inspiration right by sitting at home! One such actress we are fond of is Tina Datta and today she is making us love her with her amazing floral outfits!

Since we all know Tina Datta from Her Uttaran fame, she made us love her with her acting accolades. But now she is making us love her with her unique chic fashion and this time, she is rocking those floral outfits. The Khatron Ke Khiladi rocked every outfit, check out some of them!

This is what happens when you a great hair day and your floral outfit compliment your look!

The orange floral frock is something we don’t see often, right? Tina Datta is looking wow!

The ethnic outfits never disappoint you they said, well alright!

Tina Datta rocking the floral wear!

How about the comfy summer outfit, the wind blowing makes the outfit look more appealing, isn’t it?

Hotness and saree is a perfect combination for Indian naris, right?

One more in saree, she is killing it!

The floral pink lehenga is all that we needed to see!

Well count it as a simple or fashionable, Tina Datta will still look sexy in it, right?

The white fairy just landed on earth in a white plain outfit with a splash of petals on it!

Last but not the least, a perfect sunny floral outfit to slay!

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Stay tuned for more updates of Tina Datta.

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