Bonhomie on Mere Sai sets

There is always been something special and reverential about Sai Baba and his little bhakt, Jhipri. She follows him everywhere he goes, talks, and seeks his advice on everything she does and looks up to him. In the show ‘Mere Sai’, Sai played by Abeer Soofi and Jhipri played by Dhruti Mangeshkar, share the same bond on-screen as well as off-screen.On-screen, both respect and take care of each other all the time and off-screen little Jhipri aka Dhruti and Abeer aka Sai spend a lot of time together – chatting, discussing various things under the sun and playing around. Both have come to become buddies of sorts and are completely inseparable.

Says Abeer, ‘It is so much fun to have Dhruti around. She is full of energy and a complete livewire on sets. Like our on-screen persona, we share a very similar bond off-screen too. There is never a dull moment on sets since the time she joined our crew. In fact, she only listens to me now than anyone else. Like Jhipri, she follows me everywhere I go and even tells about her friends, favourite people and things and we talk incessantly during breaks and sometimes even play a game or two. I have become one of her favourite people and she looks up to me for advice. We both have tremendous respect for each other and enjoy all fun moments on sets. I must say she is a very special person and we both enjoy working together.”

In the forthcoming episodes, Vishnu will get an ultimatum to find the treasure within 15 days else be ready to be branded as traitors. However, Vishnu will suspect Sai as a mastermind and Kulkarni will further fuel his anger which leads to him torturing the villagers and eventually Sai coming forward to their rescue. Jhipri in the meantime will too help out in resolving this and in the end plan to light up the Basti and Dwarkamayi to commensurate Diwali celebrations.

‘Mere Sai’ airs every Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm only on Sony TV.

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