The stories that we see on our television screens and in real life mirror each other. One such onscreen tale in COLORS’ latest offering, ‘Neerja… Ek Nayi Pehchaan’ has spread the message of acceptance and love. Entertaining the viewers, the show traces the budding love story of Neerja (Aastha Sharma), the daughter of Protima, a sex worker, and Abeer (Rajveer Singh), the scion of an affluent family. Neerja’s mother, Protima essayed by Sneha Wagh has shielded her daughter from the perils of her place of residence – Sonagachi and is relieved that she has married into a reputed family.

In the upcoming episodes of the show, Abeer’s character takes center stage and portrays a responsible and dutiful son-in-law as he swiftly comes to Protima’s aid, signing a cheque to help her settle her debt to Didun (portrayed by Kamya Punjabi). This caring act shows that Abeer is naturally kind and thoughtful, and that’s when Neerja starts developing a soft corner for him. As the story develops, there’s a touching scene where Protima feeds Abeer with her own hands. This loving moment makes Neerja feel warm inside and makes her see Abeer as a great partner. His swift and caring response towards Protima showcases his responsible nature, redefining the role of a son-in-law. The show has not just been thought-provoking for the viewers, but also for the actors. Ruminating about the show’s track, Sneha Wagh remarks that every family having a son-in-law like Abeer would be the biggest boon for society.

Talking about her reel son-in-law in ‘Neerja… Ek Nayi Pehchaan’, Sneha Wagh says, “Every bride and daughter-in-law faces challenges while trying to adjust to their in-laws’ house. In our ongoing show ‘Neerja… Ek Nayi Pehchaan’, Neerja also encounters certain challenges. However, she is lucky to have a partner like Abeer by her side. Abeer embodies the qualities of a perfect son-in-law, the kind of person every mother would wish for her daughter. He’s ready to help and has no airs about belonging to a wealthy family. He stands up for Neerja, his wife on the show. If every family has a son-in-law like Abeer, we will flourish as a society.”

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