Sony Entertainment Television presents kids’ special week to highlight real-life cases of crimes against children

Child safety week on Crime Patrol

Somewhere someplace a child is bearing a brunt of a sin committed by parents; being reprimanded and abused by instilling fear; a young life being destroyed due to complex lives lead by adults around them; a child is falling prey to the wrong path and ultimately losing the battle; bad parenting making a child more prone to criminal behaviors. Sony Entertainment Television presents special ‘Child Safety Week’/Baal Suraksha Saptah – a week-long kid’s special episodes on Crime Patrol – Satark drawing attention to real-life cases of crimes against children starting November 13 till November 19, 2017.

Annup Soni who hosts Crime Patrol says, “We keep saying Communication is very important in any relationship, including in that of a parent and child. But we as parents have to understand that there is a gap of one entire generation between them and us and hence there ought to be some gap in thinking too. As parents, it is very important that step up, bridge the gap and make sure we learn to communicate with them; be it about friends, education, school, peer pressure, Etc. In upcoming week on occasion of Children’s Day, we will showcase some real life cases on Crime Patrol conserving children. It’s will be an eye opener for parents and children alike. Small yet significant things like identifying certain signs, tone of talking, and body language of children that can alarm parents of potential harm and actions that can be taken to avert crime. We hope more parents watch these special episodes with their children to remain alert.

Crime Patrol is a reality documentary aimed at crime prevention by recreating a dramatized version of real-life cases. The basic idea behind the show is to make viewers alert and aware of potential danger and criminal activities prevailing in their neighbourhood. The series, which was first aired in May 2003, shows the real picture of civilians and the alert Indian police. The show is hosted by noted TV actor Anoop Soni. The series, whose tagline is “Sabak Ek Ko Milta Hai, Seek Poore Desh Ko” showcases some of the most brutal crimes in India’s history.

Tune in to ‘Child Safety Week’/ ‘Baal Suraksha Saptah’ special on ‘Crime Patrol’ starting November 13, 2017, till November 19, 2017MondayFriday at 11:00 pm and Saturday – Sunday at 10:30 PM only on Sony Entertainment Television!

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