Ichha and Babbal’s marriage in trouble in Sony SAB’s Ichhapyari Naagin

Sursuri to create rift between the two

Ichha and Babbal’s marriage in trouble in Sony SAB’s Ichhapyaari Naagin

Sony SAB’s newlywed couple Ichha and Babbal who just started their married life are already facing trouble in their relationship.

After Sursuri’s (Jaswinder Kaur) entry in Ichhapyaari Naagin, Babbal (Mishkat Verma) and Ichha’s (Priyal Gor) marriage has seen a lot of ups and downs. Sursuri disguises as other family members and creates trouble for Ichha. Babbal who is unaware that Sursuri is behind all their problems is confused with Ichha’s behavior.

Ichha is in dilemma as everyone in the family is upset with her and yet she is not able to catch hold of Sursuri. In the course of finding Sursuri, Ichha is unknowingly creating rift in her married life. Babbal is also upset with her and he starts ignoring her. Ichha tries her best to persuade him but Babbal is tired of all the drama. He connects everything to marriage thinking that after marriage girls change a lot. Fed up of the daily drama, Babbal confesses to his brothers that he is bored of this marriage. And Mamta (Pooja Khatri) overhears this conversation.

Will Ichha catch hold of Sursuri? Will she be able to mend her marriage?

Commenting on the track Priyal Gor said, “Ichha is in haste of getting hold of Sursuri. She forgets that her relation with Babbal is ruined because of Sursuri’s evil plan. All her relations in Prataap house is at stake because of sursuri who portrayed as a bad daughter-in-law. How will Ichha get everyone in her confidence and get hold of Sursuri is worth the watch.”

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