Mumbai, 10th August 2023: Sony SAB’s unique time-travel romance drama, ‘Dhruv Tara – Samay Sadi Se Pare,’ featuring the talented Ishaan Dhawan as Dhruv and the charming Riya Sharma as Tara, remains an absolute delight for fans, weaving an enchanting tale filled with surprises and twists that keep everyone on the edge of their seats. As the story unfolds, the upcoming episodes are set to introduce a new layer of excitement as Ulka Gupta steps into the shoes of Shyam Mohini, who is carefree and arrogant. The versatile Manish Khanna takes on the role of Vikramjit, who aims to take over the kingdom of Vallabhgarh with the help of Senapati Samrat (Vineet Chaudhury). Their arrival will surely bring an exciting new twist to the story, leaving viewers wanting more.

With the demise of Maharaj (Yash Tonk), Vallabhgarh faces turmoil from all sides. Nearby kingdoms view the chaos as an opportunity to take control. Amid this, Vikramjit from Vikramgarh arrives in Vallabhgarh with his daughter Shyam Mohini, each having their own reasons.

The destiny of Vallabhgarh hangs in uncertainty, leaving us with the question: What’s next for this once-thriving kingdom?

Ulka Gupta, set to portray the character of Shyam Mohini, shared, “For me, stepping into Shyam Mohini’s shoes in Dhruv Tara is an amazing chance. My character Shyam Mohini’s carefree essence and a dash of arrogance will paint a fresh stroke in the show’s canvas. Be prepared for a riveting journey packed with feelings and unexpected moments. Shyam Mohini is all set to take you on an enthralling ride that’ll surely keep you glued!”

Manish Khanna, who will take up the role of Vikramjit, expressed, “Being a part of Dhruv Tara as Vikramjit is truly remarkable. Vikramjit, the ruler of Vikramgarh, is determined to conquer Vallabhgarh alongside Senapati’s aid. His intentions introduce a new layer of intrigue to the tale. Hold tight for an exhilarating escapade filled with power play, concealed truths, and turns that’ll leave you at the edge of your seat.!”

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