Sunayana’s bar dancer act in this weekend’s Laal Ishq episode

When Sunayana Fozdar turned bar dancer

&TV’s Laal Ishq, an episodic series of love stories with a supernatural twist, has become a hit with the audience. One of the upcoming episodes of the show this weekend will have popular actress Sunayana Fozdar. Known for her vast body of work in the television industry across different shows, for the first time ever she will now be seen playing the role of Sweety, a bar dancer. The story of the episode captures how couple Bunty (Fahad Ali) and Sweety experience supernatural activities in their bungalow. As the story progress, the audience is taken through how Sweety gets possessed by a spirit in the house and how they overcome the negative power.

Speaking about her experience on Laal Ishq Sunayana shares, “I don’t like to limit myself to a single genre. Experimentation with characters is the key to satisfy yourself as an actor. In Laal Ishq, viewers will see me portraying multiple emotions like drama, romance, comedy and horror all in one episode. The angle of supernatural, comedy and romance really caught my attention and hence, I took it up. I am playing a bar dancer for the first time in this show and it gave me a chance to move out of my comfort zone and enact scenes that were difficult to do both mentally as well as physically. Shows that fall under the supernatural category have gained popularity due to the liking that the viewers have developed towards it and I’m glad to be have got a slice of it through Laal Ishq.” 

Sunayana’s bar dancer act in this weekend’s Laal Ishq episode is sure to be one to watch out for!


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