Aamir to spend some moments on the streets of Bandra and enjoying the Christmas festivities.

Why Aamir Dalvi will celebrate Christmas after 16 years?

Being a Bandra boy and having studied in a Catholic school as a kid, Aamir Dalvi has always been part of the Christmas festivities from his childhood. Most of his friends were Catholics and he loved every moment of the festival which continued even in his college days. However for almost 16 years, he had stopped celebrating the festival and this year he want to make sure he relives those moments with his friends. It’s not because he has won the Best Actor Male in a negative role but there’s an emotional story behind his decision.

“From 2002, I have never celebrated Christmas”, he disclosed. “On 24th December 2002, I lost my Dad. The trauma took its toll on me for quite some years. I had lost my Santa. I was emotional and memories of my dad showering us with gifts always tugged my heart strings. Somehow I wasn’t able to get over this for such a long time”.

Well, so what was it that brought about the transition and change of mind. Was it the success of the award and recognition that brought about the change? Taking a long drawn out pause, Aamir continued, “It feels nice to win an award and get the appreciation, but do you think that would convince me to forget my Santa? Not really! It’s more of the self-realisation that has come upon me. One needs to flow with the tide and relive those happy moments. Surely I will miss my Santa but I will do all what my Dad wanted me to do to stay happy”.

So this Christmas eve, Aamir will be spending some moments on the streets of Bandra and enjoying the Christmas festivities.

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