Aditi Bhatia gets a pleasant surprise from best friend Shivangi Joshi

Aditi Bhatia gets a surprise gift from best friend Shivangi Joshi

Shivangi Joshi and Aditi Bhatia give major BFF goals! The two actresses are best of friends for a very long time and are still going strong.

It’s needless to say that this duo spends a lot of time together. They have also shared their love for each other on their social media accounts several times.

Recently, they met and went for shopping. Aditi bought a dress and was planning to buy a matching earring for the dress. However, she was confused hence she did not pick up the earring. Best friend Shivangi secretly bought the earring and kept it in Aditi’s bag.

Awww! It was indeed a pleasant surprise. Aditi thanked Shivangi for the special surprise!

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