Alekh Sangal who recently got engaged will be carrying out the advice given by his dear friend, Nakuul Mehta.

Alekh Sangal gets inspired by best friend Nakuul Mehta’s advice

Popular actor Alekh Sangal recently got engaged to his sweetheart, Nazneen Dharamsey. Alekh’s marriage will happen in December this year, and the idea of the would-be- bride and groom is to get to know each other more and enjoy private time before they get into a wed-lock!!

Alekh has in fact taken his very close friend Nakuul Mehta’s advise when it comes to enjoying time together before wedding.

Wondering how? Read it for details…

Says Alekh, “The muhurat we got was only for December. There was a muhurat for June and July, but we thought it was a bit too soon. We want to get to know each other nicely, and plan our lives together.”

On his plans for the next few months, Alekh confides, “We plan to go for a couple of international trips. In fact, Nakuul gave us the idea of spending some quality time together before we get married. According to him, travel would be the best option to get closer and enjoy this phase of life just before marriage. So yes, Nazneen and I will be taking a few international trips (smiles).”


An idea worth executing, isn’t it?

Have a great time touring, Alekh and Nazneen!!


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