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Arshiya Mukherjee goes the Varun Dhawan way!

Arshiya Mukherjee draws inspiration from Varun Dhawan for her double role in Bhootu

Zee TV’s early primetime fiction offering Bhootu, has been grabbing audience attention with its endearing storyline and plot twists. While a high intensity drama has been unfolding between the show’s bad guys – Mohini (Shivangi Verma) and Bobby (Tushar Khanna), it has paved the way for the entry of a new character, Shona. Through Shona, Mohini and Bobby plan to take over the house from the lead couple Anandita (Akanksha Chamola) and Vikram (Kapil Nirmal). The storyline takes an interesting turn when Shona turns out to be Pihu’s lookalike leading to an epic drama between the friendly ghost and her doppelganger!

Actor Arshiya Mukherjee, who will also be seen playing the role of Pihu’s look-alike Shona, considers herself to be a huge fan of Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan. When this young actor first heard about Pihu’s lookalike’s entry, she was extremely excited at the opportunity to play a double role for the first time. In fact, Arshiya has been preparing for this new role by taking inspiration from her favourite actor Varun Dhawan. And, to achieve this, the young prodigy has been binge-watching the actor’s recent blockbuster Judwaa 2. As Arshiya watched her favourite actor’s work on-screen, she paid close attention to how the actor brought out the finer points of differentiation between his two characters by way of mannerisms, tone, body language and dressing style, making audiences distinguish the two characters at a glance.

Speaking about this second role, Arshiya Mukherjee said, “Varun Dhawan is my favourite actor and I had the most amazing experience while shooting for the new role of Pihu’s look-alike. It was quite difficult for me to play two characters, but thanks to my co-stars who helped me, it turned out to be a lot of fun. I am very excited and happy to play a double role in Bhootu and I hope the audiences enjoy it.”

Will Shona help Mohini and Bobby to succeed in their plan of seizing control of the house from Anandita?

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