Arshiya Mukherjee who was hospitalized for high fever is on road to recovery now.

Arshiya Mukherjee springs back to action after hospitalization

Young and talented doll Arshiya Mukherjee, who is known for her acting talent as Pihu in Zee TV’s Bhootu, is finally back in action after facing a rough weather when it comes to her health.

The kid had been suffering from throat infection and high fever for the past 10 days. However, her ill health did not bog her down. She literally waged a war against her fever keeping count of the number of days she remained out of action.

Talking to IndianWikiMedia, Arshiya’s mom says, “Arshiya had throat infection and that led to high fever. Her condition got worsened; hence we had to hospitalize her. However, it’s she got discharged from the hospital and is now recovering at home.”

She continues, “The team has been very supportive all this while. They gave Arshiya her time to recover. We will be resuming shoot from tomorrow. I just want to thank all her fans who have been asking about her health and wishing her speedy recovery.”

Take care girl!


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