Asim Riaz the talented young celebrity who grabbed all limelight with his stint in Bigg Boss knows how to keep himself active and fit. Asim who spends hours on his workout and regimented fitness schedule comes across as an inspiration for many. He has often been spotted working out on his fitness. His acts and ways in which he readies his body and maintains the physique that he has, is amazing.

Recently, Asim was spotted focussing on his set goal of spinning a ball on his finger. Well, this video shows immaculate concentration and eye-coordination of Asim. See him as he smiles through this tough task.

Asim had captured the video saying,

What you need to reach your goals!
The power to winning minds #PredatorEnergyDrinkIndia !

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Video Courtesy: Instagram

Well, he seems to be focused on his targetted goal. Do you like the indigenous nature of Asim Riaz?