Astha Agarwal has gotten into the skin of her character quite a lot. Read for details.

Astha Agarwal, the ‘Hindi Pandit’ on the sets of Star Bharat’s Kya Haal, Mister Panchal

It is said that an actor gets into the skin of a character so much that it becomes tough to at times take the actor out of the character even when not shooting!!

This holds good for actress Astha Agarwal who essays the role of Prarthna in Star Bharat’s high-rated show, Kya Haal, Mister Panchal (Optimystix).

Just like Prarthna who is very much fluent in literal Hindi, Astha has also gotten to be a pro when it comes to speaking the language.

We hear that Astha gets on a language correcting spree whenever anyone on the sets makes any mistake when it comes to talking Hindi. In literal words, she has become the ‘Hindi pandit’ on the set.

When asked Astha said, “It’s funny that Hindi has taken over my normal routine life. As an actress you sometimes pick up traits from your character. Prarthna, who speaks only in fluent Hindi has made a huge impact on me. Speaking in fluent Hindi during most part of my day, I forget that I can speak in normal Hindi. Just to pull everyone’s leg I started correcting their Hindi on set. It’s funny when they get irritated, especially when I correct my husband in his Hindi. He gets irritated and runs away whenever I talk in Hindi.”

Aww!! Must say, an after-effect of success… Enjoy this till it lasts, Astha!!




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