Bigg Boss 16 the Colors reality show has seen the closeness of Priyanka Choudhary and Ankit Gupta. Buzzed to be dating each other, the couple has enjoyed a good bond of friendship. Ankit has always been there for Priyanka whenever she needed him. Ankit has always been a good listener, and many times contestants have even talked about the dominating nature that Priyanka has towards Ankit.

Well, all of it has gone overboard now, as Priyanka will be seen weeping her heart out on National Television. She will be irked by the constant comments about interfering in Ankit’s life and decision. Priyanka will be seen opening her heart on camera. She will refer to Ankit as a good friend. Priyanka will talk that she appears dominating when she is very friendly and casual with Ankit which is wrong. She will be hurt by statements made about allowing Ankit to live his life his way.

Priyanka will be seen telling that she was not like this, but now is getting very disturbed by this behaviour in the house.

Will this destroy the relationship between Ankit and Priyanka?