The shoot of the supernatural genre show Laal Ishq was stopped owing to the occurrence of few spooky incidents on the set.

Bizarre spooky incidents stall midnight shoot on Laal Ishq set

There’s something about horror and supernatural shows which fascinates the human psyche. What one might not know is that there’s an awful lot going on behind the scenes of these productions. Many of your favourite horror flicks have some very strange stories to tell, and they don’t end when the camera is switched off. Sometimes things happen that seem suitable for what we’d consider a literal horror story.

&TV’s Laal Ishq has been winning hearts in the supernatural genre as it narrates stories that portray the passionate side of love giving it a supernatural twist. But the recent happenings on the set of the show left the cast and crew aghast.

While the crew was shooting for an upcoming episode in a secluded place in Madh Island at night, there were plenty of spooky things that happened during the time of the shoot. The team faced issues with the electricity throughout their shift, with the lights flickering at first, and a sudden power failure followed by scary sounds in the neighbourhood. The crew was shooting a sequence in the bathroom when the camera person suffered a minor shock and he dropped the camera with a thud, which was followed by a sudden power cut. Due to a complete blackout, the shoot schedule was stalled for more than 2 hours which left the cast and crew in a state of panic.

Talking about this unusual experience, Neha Pednekar who will be seen in this episode alongside Paras Kalawat and Piyali Munsi said, “We were shooting for &TV’s Laal Ishq in the night at a bungalow in Madh, the place is scary at night and we all were sharing ghost stories. But it was all fun until strange things started happening one after the other, the lights started flickering and there was a power cut causing a lot of problems. While we sat outside, waiting for the shoot to resume, stray dogs were crying and howling which really creeped all of us out. People say that when you shoot such things, you attract such forces. We never really discovered what had gone wrong with the wiring or circuits but witnessing all this was truly a frightening experience.”

Truly scary, isn’t it?