Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is a unique daily soap that has won fans over with its unique plot and talented star cast.

A die-hard fan of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala? Take a test

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is a relatively unique serial that is conceptualised differently from the same old saas-bahu plots and this in itself was enough to Garner the buzz that this serial needed. Right from the get-go, Kulfi Kumar has attracted audience for its uniqueness, different storyline and exclusive cast of talented child artists that have been acing their acting game.

If you think you deserve to be a die-hard Kulfi Kumar Bajewala fan then we have a test that will prove your loyalty and knowledge of the show all too well!

You are a Kulfi Kumar Bajewala fan, if-

1. You think the show is very refreshing compared to most love story serials and family dramas that revolve around the mothers and daughters in-law.

2. Kulfi is the best child in the whole wide world according to you and you wish that if you ever have a child, it should be just like her

3. The relationship between Sikander and Kulfi melts your heart and seeing them apart is something even you can’t bare to watch

4. Actors Akriti Sharma and Mohit Malik are the perfect choice for Kulfi and Sikander’s roles and you would hate to imagine anyone else replacing them

5. Kulfi’s innocence has time and again won you over and anything bas happening to her ends up hurting you more than anything

6. Characters of Amyra and Kulfi together, are a complete riot according to you, be it in reel life or even off the sets

If you find yourself happily nodding in agreement to all of the above then we have great news for you! You are officially a die-hard Kulfi Kumar Bajewala fan and are totally capable of starting your very own cult for the show.

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