Divya Bhatnagar poses as a woman with a unique style quotient in Zee TV’s Sethji, and here is the actress talking about it.

Divya Bhatnagar’s new ‘style statement’ in Zee TV’s Sethji

Actress Divya Bhatnagar recently made a grand entry in the Zee TV show, Sethji produced by Offshore Productions.

Playing a lady who loves to deck up in grand costumes, jewels and make-up, Divya is simply enjoying playing her character of Neeta Jhadav. And what fascinates her more is the fact that in real life too, Divya enjoys dressing up. She is always attracted to wearing jewels.

But there is a flip side too, to her look in the show!!

The character of Neeta loves to doll up to the occasion, but she is lady who is always known for her ‘mismatch’ style!!

Starting from her saree to the blouse she wears, the kind of jewels she dons and her uncanny style of putting sindoor, everything is out of place, thus creating a style statement of her own!!

Says Divya, “I love dressing up, but at times the kind of mismatch that I need to put up scares me. I really wonder for a second how I will look on screen with such gaudy and non-matching colors in my look. But it is all fun, and whoever has seen me in this new avatar has only had praises for me.”

The best part is that Divya is getting praised for her sindoor style which really makes her look complete. “People have loved my bindis, as it is all ‘hatke’. Playing such a character gives me a special feeling.”

Talking more about the character, Divya avers, “Neeta though she belongs to the negative family, is fun-loving and happy-going unlike her husband and son. She is lively to the core and is funny whenever she opens her mouth. Another aspect that fascinates me in the role is that she only speaks English even when she does not know a bit about the language (laughs).”

Divya’s entry in the show is just few days old, and she has already made a style statement of her own!!

Way to go, Divya…

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