Eisha Singh gets a special 'Maa ke haath ka kadha’ for herself and her co-stars on the set of Ishq Subhan Allah.

Eisha Singh gets a special ‘Maa ke haath ka kadha’ on the sets of Ishq Subhan Allah

With the lockdown gradually lifting and people across the country stepping out into the new normal, Zee TV resumed shoots of its shows and reconnected its audiences with the journeys of their beloved characters. With an aim to reunite the viewers with another such character that had struck a chord with them, Zee TV’s Ishq Subhan Allah will see the return of the original Zara Siddiqui that was essayed by Eisha Singh till last year. However, this time around, Eisha will return to the show with a new twist to her character and a completely new and different look.

With shoots resuming amidst the ongoing pandemic, it is of absolute importance that the actors take care of themselves and being the fitness and wellness buff that she is, Eisha has gone that extra mile to ensure she in no way catches the deadly virus. She has been focusing on improving her immunity throughout the lockdown and even during the shoot. While she’s at it, Eisha gets a special ‘Maa ke haath ka kadha’ for herself and her co-stars on the set of Ishq Subhan Allah.

As Eisha Singh who plays the role of Zara in Zee TV’s Ishq Subhan Allah revealed, “I love the fact that in the current season of Ishq Subhan Allah, I am getting a chance to make a comeback as Zara. This show is like my baby and I am awfully attached to it and the entire cast and crew. With the pandemic still looming large, I wanted to make sure my immune system is strong enough and does not fall apart and what ensures that better than maa ke haath ka kadha. Apart from myself, I also get it for Adnan (Khan) and all the cast members for boosting their immunity as well.”

She further added, “Like every other kid, I hated it when Mom made me drink the kadha when I was young. However, I now understand the importance of it. While I am taking other precautions and eating healthy, I appreciate and thank my mom from the bottom of my heart for putting in so much effort and making the kadha for me and my co-stars every day and taking care of me always.”

For the uninitiated, season one of Ishq Subhan Allah had ended with a heart wrenching twist when Zara (Eisha Singh) was assumed dead after her car had fallen off a cliff. The second season of the show followed and brought in a fresh, engaging plot and a completely new Zara (Tunisha Sharma). However, in a fresh twist post lockdown, Eisha Singh returns to Ishq Subhan Allah with fresh episodes that started from 3rd August. She will be seen in a completely different avatar who by an incredible turn of fate reconnects with Kabir and he is faced with the earth shattering reality that the love of his life, Zara is alive and leading the life of a serene music healer.

To know what happens next on Ishq Subhan Allah, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 Club before TV!!

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