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Suman becomes love Guru for all the girls out there

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2’s Suman aka Kanikka Kapur becomes love Guru

Sony Entertainment Television’s popular love saga Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 has reached its high point where Suman aka Kanikka will finally confess her feelings to Shravan aka Mohit. The moment for which the fans have been waiting since the beginning of the show has finally arrived where Suman and Shravan will finally become #SuVan. Though Shravan had already confessed his feelings to Suman but at that moment she couldn’t revert to him but when she sees her world is drifting apart she decides to confess her feelings to Shravan. Currently the viewers will watch that Shravan decides to leave Bhopal, and when suman gets to know about this, she goes to meet him but shravan tells Bunty that she doesn’t want to meet Suman. This breaks Suman and she confesses her love to Shravan .

Suman aka Kanikka decided to share few tips with all the girls out their who wants to confess their feelings to a guy but are scared that how will he react to them. Kanika mentions if you have a soft corner for someone you should not hide that because then it would haunt you. It is better to be upfront about your feelings because it makes you feel light and you get a feeling of satisfaction that at least you have cleared your conscious.

Kanikka while giving tips to girls said “ I know confessing your feelings is not an easy task, but we are in 2020 and sometimes it becomes important to express. If you have a soft corner for someone you should not wait for the guy to come to you and confess his feelings because sometimes waiting takes you no where and till the time you realize it the moment has already gone. In today’s time girls are leaving no stone unturned to make sure they are equal to guy so why not in the matter of love.”

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