Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein actress Ayesha Singh has become a household name across the country. The audience loves her performance as Sai. In comparison, the actress is as funny and naughty as her character in the serial, with mere differences. The actress loves to have fun, and she is quite mischievous. The star has huge popularity on her Instagram account. And to keep her fans entertained, she often drops reels, videos, and photos. Today the actress shared a prank video where she tricked Siddharth Bodke. Read further!

Ayesha Singh dropped a prank video on her gram. In the video, the actress tricked her co-star Siddharth Bodke as she added half a dozen salt to his coffee, which he drank when offered to him. Later, he spilled the coffee in the basin and laughed at getting pranked by her once again. This made us clear how mischievous the actress is.

In contrast, while sharing the video, she captioned it, “Hahhahahah I call this SiddhuPiddhu 2.0 …

I can’t believe I have pranked you are such a soft target. @siddharthbodkeofficial

PS:- BTW, everyone, this prank of adding half a dozen salt in his coffee is in revert to Siddharth’s action of throwing away my phone case multiple times. I had to get him!! “.

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