Girija Oak to perform her most favorite Lavani Dance for one of the upcoming sequences

Girija Oak gets nostalgic while performing Lavani dance for Ladies Special

Sony Entertainment Television’s most adored show Ladies Special have managed to successfully win hearts of all its viewers with the amazing conceptualization. The story revolves around three powerful ladies who come from different backgrounds and have very contrasting personalities. The show has always aimed to enhance diverse cultures and has tried to perceive it in an amusing way.  Recently, one of the leading actors, Meghna a.k.a Girija Oak was overwhelmed on knowing that years later she was again getting the opportunity of performing her most favorite Lavani Dance for one of the upcoming sequences.

Very few people know this but Girija Oak, is herself a proud Maharashtrian who has also contributed a lot for the Marathi Film Industry. She was recently up for a pleasant surprise when she got to know that her current show has taken a petite turn and will be showcasing her beautiful culture in one of the Holi Sequences wearing the beautiful cultural nine yard saree .  A close insider revealed to us that, she was more than excited on knowing this and was continuously seen practicing for days at a stretch to get all her nuances right.

“I have too many fond memories attached to this powerful and graceful dance form. It is very close to my heart. As soon as I hear the beats, I go into a flashback as I  have been performing Lavani since the time I was a kid. I was pleasantly surprised when I got to know I will be performing my beloved dance in front of the whole world. I am very excited and I hope I am able to do full justice to it.”

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